5 ways I can go green

When asking yourself ‘what ways I can go green’, the first thing you can influence when trying to go green is your own behaviour and habits. The good thing with this is that the 5 simple things below will directly benefit you; both from an eco and health viewpoint. What’s more they are really easy to do!

1.) Reduce your reliance on your car:

As Jim Rohn would say ‘Easy to do and easy not to do’.

Our modern lives have become very reliant on our cars. It’s so easy to just jump into your car and go less than a mile to your local shop (we’ve all done it!). When really if we could walk, cycle or even use a combination of walking and public transport, then we should. Think about it, the alternative to using your car will ALWAYS be cheaper and will always be the healthy option.

Reducing your reliance on your car will save you money, make you healthier and will be  much more environmentally friendly.

2) Treat yourself green…

Working hard? Putting everybody first? Treat yourself with some organic treats…

Organic Chocolate

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3.) Paint yourself green….

Obviously painting yourself green isn’t going to help much, but you can give yourself a green image and green attitude. The (confirms) that the key to actually doing something is mindset and attitude. So by talking to your friends about how they ‘do their bit for the environment’ and thinking about your actions from an viewpoint will certainly help you to start actually being more eco.

4.) Eco clothes

Choosing to buy good quality clothes with green and eco credentials is easy and can be just as affordable as any other option. What’s more, Eco fashion is huge. From the weird and wonderful to the functional (like socks) there are plenty of environmentally friendly options out there. Let us know if you find any real gems.

5.) Use eco products at home…

There are loads of ways you can buy and use environmentally friendly products at home. The free You Can Eco advice team will keep you updated on the best eco alternatives around!


There are LOADS of ways to go green. Why don’t you send us an email or leave a comment starting with ‘ways I can go green’ and we will be in touch with some You Can Eco freebies.






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