Eco-Friendly Motivation Friday #3:

Eco-friendly motivation 3


Eco-friendly motivation from You Can Eco!

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Eco-Friendly Motivation Friday #2:

Eco-friendly motviation 2- Gandhi

Eco-friendly motivation from You Can Eco!

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Eco-Friendly Motivation Friday #1:

Eco Friendly Motivation 1 Edwin Teale

Eco Motivation 1 Edwin TealeEco-friendly motivation from You Can Eco!


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Why are Eco Schools Important?

Eco school badge of honour!

I love the fact that they exist, but why are eco schools important? Well, there are two key points we must acknowledge and thank Eco Schools for:

1.) They are educating the our future adult population on how to be more eco-friendly:

So what? – I fear you say…

Teaching our kids how to be more eco-friendly is exactly where our generations were failed (by our generations, I mean anybody old enough to read this). The brutal truth is that the majority of current adult population operates in an unsustainable way,  driven by a reliance on oil and a throwaway culture. Of course, you, my friend, are one of the ‘good ones’ as you are reading this blog which the intention to be more eco-friendly and help your family to be more eco-friendly, I hope! So, back to the point… by helping our kids to understand why and how to be more eco-friendly is important, Eco schools really are a driving force towards a more sustainable future.

Think about it. We expect our schools to teach maths and physics to our next top engineers, so why shouldn’t we expect our schools to teach our kids how to keep the planet safe?

2.) They SHOULD engage the local community to be more eco-friendly:

Should is a key word here. Schools are a key pillar of very community. People rely on Schools to look after children while they work. The community looks to the school to bring parents and children together. Schools then become a meeting point for millions of people across the UK. Perhaps eco-schools are a social glue? – With this in mind, if is the pillar of the community is an Eco-school then the community should be more eco-friendly….

… this all depends on the Schools community engagement strategy, of course.
BUT, Eco Schools are pointless if they are not implemented properly and the kids are not engaged. So the real questions isn’t why are eco schools important… The real question is how do we keep the good work of Eco Schools going? More importantly, how do celebrate and encourage our eco kids?

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Eco School ideas for your children at home

Eco School Ideas

If your child goes to a school in the UK, it is very likely that the school is part of the Eco School Scheme, which is fantastic news for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. After all, our children are the future and educating them to be eco-friendly is crucial to the future of our planet. Good news too, there are many Eco School ideas for your children to enjoy at home.

We share many ideas for Eco-schools with our free advice emails but there are three very simple ways to make sure you are making the most of the Eco-Schools ideas at home:

1.) Ask your child what they have learnt at school

This is a great way to interact with your child and make them realise you are interested and engaged with what they have to say. You could even introduce the lessons your child share at home? After all,  the Eco-School has done all the hard work for you so why not do the easy thing and keep your child entertained at home with some eco activities.

2.) Ask for the school’s Eco Code

Every Eco-School will have an Eco Code which will have key ways that the school is being more eco. Eco Schools are supposed to involve the wider community and the eco code is a key part of this. With this in mind, why not ask for the eco code and have a quick read, I am sure you will find some top tips (let us know if you do!).

3.) Organise an Eco Event in your community

We can help with this. Try emailing us titled ‘Eco Event’ and we will send you a free eco event pack (Yes free!). An eco event will help you share ideas with like-minded people and will also be GREAT fun for the kids.

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5 Ways to go green with travel

Go Green With Travel, perhaps not in a golf buggy?!

Everyday we travel and we create pollution. Here are 5 ways to go green with travel:

1.) Walk if you can 

In 2013, the average person spent over £1,000 per year on fuel for their family car. What’s more, our modern lives have become very reliant on our cars. It’s so easy to just jump into your car and go less than a mile to your local shop (we’ve all done it!). When really if we could walk, cycle or even use a combination of walking and public transport, then we should. Think about it, the alternative to using your car will ALWAYS be cheaper and will always be the healthy option.From an eco-friendly point of view, it is well-known that the fossil fuels we run our cars on are bad for the environment due to the harmful greenhouse gases they produce. Our cars are also harm water quality, use limited resources and produce loud noises (which disturb all the nature being driven past or by). In summary, less car usage will always be more eco-friendly.

2.) Car Share

Car sharing is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment during your commute and taking the kids to school. Sharing can come in several forms from simply taking it in turns to drive a shared route (such as the school run), to actually sharing a car. There are many services which enable Car Sharing, we recommended Car Pooling.

3.)  Travel overland instead of flying

Did you know that if you manage to cut out just one five-hour flight from your holidays, then your carbon footprint will be one tonne lighter. Amazing!

What’s more, you will be able to see much more of the countryside and take in some of the fantastic scenery our wonderful planet has to offer. One overland travel to aspire to is the orient express


Beautiful Train

Enjoy an amazing train journey

4.) Avoid using plastic bags 

Tourism and the use of plastic bags when traveling has a huge impact on the environment. The negatives of using plastic bags are well documented and the reusable bag market is flourishing.

Here’s an idea, when you arrive at your destination, go to the local market to find a reusable bag: this will most probably be designed to represent the place you are in and will be great momento! – by doing this you immediately become part of the solution to the plastic bag problem. Win, win.

5.) Eat and Drink Local

So you have traveled to your destination and need some food. Anything you eat will have also have travelled to your destination and this travel will also have an impact on the environment. Why go to all that effort to go green with travel if your food causes more damage than you??

Therefore, it is often that the local food choice is the most environmentally friendly option. Less travel to your plate = less impact on the environment (as a rule of thumb!). What better excuse to try the local wine!?! << I LIKE THIS A LOT.

So there you go, 5 ways to go green with travel. There are many, many ways to go green when travelling, please let us know your special ways…

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5 ways I can go green

Free Advice on how YOU CAN ECO!!

When asking yourself ‘what ways I can go green’, the first thing you can influence when trying to go green is your own behaviour and habits. The good thing with this is that the 5 simple things below will directly benefit you; both from an eco and health viewpoint. What’s more they are really easy to do!

1.) Reduce your reliance on your car:

As Jim Rohn would say ‘Easy to do and easy not to do’.

Our modern lives have become very reliant on our cars. It’s so easy to just jump into your car and go less than a mile to your local shop (we’ve all done it!). When really if we could walk, cycle or even use a combination of walking and public transport, then we should. Think about it, the alternative to using your car will ALWAYS be cheaper and will always be the healthy option.

Reducing your reliance on your car will save you money, make you healthier and will be  much more environmentally friendly.

2) Treat yourself green…

Working hard? Putting everybody first? Treat yourself with some organic treats…

Organic Chocolate

Click Here For Organic Chocolate!!


3.) Paint yourself green….

Obviously painting yourself green isn’t going to help much, but you can give yourself a green image and green attitude. The (confirms) that the key to actually doing something is mindset and attitude. So by talking to your friends about how they ‘do their bit for the environment’ and thinking about your actions from an viewpoint will certainly help you to start actually being more eco.

4.) Eco clothes

Choosing to buy good quality clothes with green and eco credentials is easy and can be just as affordable as any other option. What’s more, Eco fashion is huge. From the weird and wonderful to the functional (like socks) there are plenty of environmentally friendly options out there. Let us know if you find any real gems.

5.) Use eco products at home…

There are loads of ways you can buy and use environmentally friendly products at home. The free You Can Eco advice team will keep you updated on the best eco alternatives around!


There are LOADS of ways to go green. Why don’t you send us an email or leave a comment starting with ‘ways I can go green’ and we will be in touch with some You Can Eco freebies.






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5 ways to go green at work

Being Eco-friendly at work

Here are five ways to go green at work. Each on is simple, easy and will not cost the earth…

1.) Go Green with eco-friendly stationery:

Stationery is a crucial consumable for every business and functioning family. Normally made from oil based plastics and containing throwaway style items, stationery can be easily changed to eco-stationery at very affordable prices. Check out a few ideas here.

You Can Eco

Eco Stationery YOU CAN ECO

2.) Fit your work computers with an Eco button

Well we’ve thrown this one in as a bit of fun. This is an award-winning computer power saving device, which looks great and is very satisfying to push!

Eco Button - You Can Eco

Eco Button – You Can Eco


3.) The Eco Commute

Ok, we will cover this in our transport section as well because it is key. The BBC recently reported that 6 in 10 people drive to work. It is well documented that automobiles (including your humble family car), are bad for the environment from mainly viewpoints, from Air quality to ozone depletion. Here are a few greener ideas for you try:

  • Try cycling – you’ll get fit?
  • Try the bus – you could email or be productive on the bus?
  • Car share – it will be the most sociable commute you’ve ever had!

4.) Double sided printing

So simple. If you have to print something you may as well print it on both sides of the paper. This will mean you use have the paper you would have done with single sided print. What’s more, you save money on your paper spend! Win / win situation surely?

5.) Sharing is caring:

Why not share You Can Eco with your colleagues? Even if you and 3 of your colleagues do one thing to go green at work, that is better than just you doing it all. It’s all about getting into green mode, and besides, if 4 of you are being 50% Eco, that is better than just one being 100% Eco… 4×50% = 200% vs 1×100% = 100% (I think you get the point here!?).

So on that note, why don’t you hit the share button below…..

Thank you ;)

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You Can Eco: Now on Google+

You Can Eco Google Plus


Hope you’re all having a nice weekend?

Check out our brand new Google+ Eco page

This page will further help to show you how ‘You Can Eco’….

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5 ways to go green with Food

Here are 5 ways to go green with food. They are all easy to do, all healthy, and will better your lifestyle… what’s not to love?!

1.) Eat organic food

Organic food is the only way to stop the bad chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides from causing soil damage. This, in turn, results in healthier crops and a more sustainable land for generations to come. From a personal viewpoint, The Daily Green explains how everyday foods from Apples to Milk (!) can contain pesticides if not sources organically. Whilst we have no doubt that the supermarket foods are safe to eat, we certainly wouldn’t want to risk eating unwanted chemicals. There you go, two undeniable reasons to eat organic.

2.) Treat yourself with Green, Eco Treats!

This is a little treat just for you. With makes allows you to go green with Food and treat yourself. Healthy, Tasty AND organic.. what could be better? Have a look here and send us an email to found out how you can get a free sample..

 3.) Recycle your food waste

With the average British household throwing away 6 (yes SIX!) meals a week, food waste has a major impact on the environment. Recycling your food   reduces waste to landfill, reduces carbon emissions and can act as a biofuel. Check out this handy video:

Food Waste

4.) Buy food with eco-friendly packaging

There are a host of products with eco friendly packaging. Any product will say very clearly on the packaging that it is ‘sustainable packaging’. There are many ways in which packaging can be environmentally friendly, from being biodegradable or recyclable to being carbon neutral. In most household cases, the packaging will be easily recycled or biodegradable. For those must have items that cannot be recycled you could also try eco-friendly rubbish bags.

5.) Cook with coconut oil

This is a bit of a wildcard for you to try. Coconut oil is organic and is healthier that traditional oils. It can be naturally farmed and does not use any heat in production. You can buy it in our Eco Shop OR sign up to our Free advice emails to find out more!

Go Green With Food


So there you go, 5 simple ways that YOU CAN ECO and go green with food…. ENJOY!



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