Why are Eco Schools Important?

I love the fact that they exist, but why are eco schools important? Well, there are two key points we must acknowledge and thank Eco Schools for:

1.) They are educating the our future adult population on how to be more eco-friendly:

So what? – I fear you say…

Teaching our kids how to be more eco-friendly is exactly where our generations were failed (by our generations, I mean anybody old enough to read this). The brutal truth is that the majority of current adult population operates in an unsustainable way, ¬†driven by a reliance on oil and a throwaway culture. Of course, you, my friend, are one of the ‘good ones’ as you are reading this blog which the intention to be more eco-friendly and help your family to be more eco-friendly, I hope! So, back to the point… by helping our kids to understand why and how to be more eco-friendly is important, Eco schools really are a driving force towards a more sustainable future.

Think about it. We expect our schools to teach maths and physics to our next top engineers, so why shouldn’t we expect our schools to teach our kids how to keep the planet safe?

2.) They SHOULD engage the local community to be more eco-friendly:

Should is a key word here. Schools are a key pillar of very community. People rely on Schools to look after children while they work. The community looks to the school to bring parents and children together. Schools then become a meeting point for millions of people across the UK. Perhaps eco-schools are a social glue? – With this in mind, if is the pillar of the community is an Eco-school then the community should be more eco-friendly….

… this all depends on the Schools community engagement strategy, of course.
BUT, Eco Schools are pointless if they are not implemented properly and the kids are not engaged. So the real questions isn’t why are eco schools important… The real question is how do we keep the good work of Eco Schools going? More importantly, how do celebrate and encourage our eco kids?

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